It’s morning. You’re dressed and all set to go.

Everything about your outfit is fitted and perfect.

Courtesy of Rajat Mukherjee
Courtesy of Rajat Mukherjee

As you walk out your door and see your neighbor, they wave hello and you do the same. You lift your arm up to greet them, and guess what: Your shirt is now untucked.

It’s an all too common issue we face when dressing up. Your belt is good at holding up your pants. Not so much at holding down your shirt. It doesn’t matter how you tuck in your shirt, any range of motion requiring you to extend your hands up will cause your shirt to look puffy and tacky.

Why does it matter that our shirts be tucked in?

The reason we put any effort in dressing up is to look good and feel great. So when that shirt comes out a little and creates an unflattering image, it really defeats the purpose. On top of that it makes you look a few pounds over. That’s never a good thing.


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The Secret: Shirt Stay Garters

At first glance, they look weird and uncomfortable. At least that was my first thought when a friend recommended them. Besides, it just seems like a little too much effort just to keep your shirt tucked, right?

Well, after giving shirt garters a try, I can say, with absolute certainty, that I do not go anywhere without them now. I love them and how it keeps my shirt tucked at all times. They make you look very slim as there is no extra baggage anywhere in your stomach area. When I started using them, almost everyone kept asking me how I got so slim so fast.

Shirt Garters: Are they comfortable?

Gent House

Shirt garters strap on in two ways. One is a straight elastic band with clips on both ends. One clip holds to your sock and the other to your shirt. This type of shirt garter can also come with a loop to hold onto your feet instead of clipping to your sock.

The other type of shirt garter straps on your thighs. It’s a similar elastic band that goes around your thighs with three other bands coming out from it. Those three bands hold your shirt down.

At first, they do feel awkward. It’s normal if you’re not used having a piece of strap inside your pants. However, they shouldn’t be uncomfortable or hurt at all. If they do then you’ve probably tightened the straps too much.

The bottom line

Shirt garters are an excellent style accessory to help you look great. They may feel a bit awkward in the beginning but should never hurt. Once you do get used to them, you’ll reap the benefits of having your shirt tucked in at all times. You’ll look great, feel great and your friends will notice.



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