If you’re as meticulous about your outfits as I am, then you know that your dress shirt collars have to be perfect. They are a huge focal point that can make or break your style. Over the years I have searched numerous ways of keeping my dress shirt collars as pristine as when I first bought them. I’ve tried using magnets, over-sized collar stays, and even tucking in my shirt more from the back so that it pulls up the collar.

But why so much fuss about your dress shirt collar? Shouldn’t it just matter that your dress shirt is the correct size and fit and that it’s clean? While all of that is important, and I have said this several times already, style is about the image of yourself that you convey onto others. We have to understand that every single detail about your outfits sends a message. In this case, let’s consider the message you convey with your dress shirt collar.

A Sharp Collar for a Sharp Image

We get the most genuine satisfaction from our wardrobe when we first try them on. It’s when the texture and color of the fabric are perfect. And it’s not just our clothes. We can say the same about cars, smart phones, watches, etc. The experience of having something brand new is refreshing. You get a boost in confidence through an improved physical appearance. It’s also when you get the most compliments about them as well.

With that in mind, Perky Collar provides a solution for your dress shirts. For those of us that use dress shirts on a consistent basis, we know that there’s a problem to be solved with the collar. Over time, and with numerous visits to the dry cleaners, the collars begin to get weaker and weaker. It really becomes a hassle not being able to unbutton that second button due to a weak collar.

Perky Collar

When I first heard about Perky Collar, I was hesitant. It looked like those plastics that already comes with your shirt when you first buy them. “They’ll just fall off” I thought. David Frankel, CEO of Perky LLC, was kind enough to send over a sample to try out.


Wow! Just Wow!

How could something so simple work so good? You just pop your collar up, insert your Perky Collar around your neck and close your collar down. Answering the question that I had about it possibly falling down, the Perky Collar is curved enough to gently hold onto your neck so that it stays in place. It’s not at all uncomfortable. In fact, you get to relive the experience of an erect collar from the day you first bought the shirt.

What I like the most about the Perky Collar is that it’s reusable for many shirts. I’ve seen other solutions on the market that require stitching onto your shirt. The issue with that is that they stay exclusive for that particular piece. Although it may be convenient, it’s much more cost effective to use Perky Collar.

Priced at just $20.95, you can own your very own Perky Collar today. Although you just need one, I recommend getting a pair. They’re comfortable to wear, and just like shirt garters, once you get used to them, you won’t leave anywhere without them.

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