The average height of an american man is 5’9″.

There’s a reason why statistics, like the one above, exist for height. Height is associated with traits that, for the most part, people don’t have. For example:

  • People over 6’0″ must be good with sports; especially basketball.
  • Tall people are more successful.
  • Tall people are overall attractive.

Being tall doesn’t actually translate to success or success at some point in your life. There is, however, a study to prove that taller people do earn more income than the rest. This has to do with the confidence of belonging to a positive stereotype. With that boost in self-esteem you’re more likely to perform better, hence advancing in you career.

Theoretical model of the height–career success relationship
Theoretical model of the height–career success relationship

With all of that said, height isn’t something you can change. You can’t just take a pill to be taller or do an exercise routine. Really, it boils down to genetics. It’s what you inherit from your parent’s gene pool. So if you’re below average and looking to increase your height, well, tough luck.

The positive note, however, to all of this is that you can appear taller. Remember style is the image of yourself that you convey onto others. In which case you can do so many things to your outfit to appear taller. Today we’ll be discussing on one: elevator shoes

What Are Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes are shoes built to give you 2-3 inches in height while at the same time hiding the fact that it’s giving you 2-3 inches in height. What kind of sorcery is this? Well the secret to this is added material on the heel and a heightened insole.

Courtesy of GuiddoMaggi

Now I know what you’re thinking: Won’t this feel like wearing high heels? It’s almost like standing on your tip toe. In truth, they do feel a little different in the beginning when you try them on. At least for me, it took a little getting used to since I kept scratching the back of the heel on every step.

Elevator Shoes at a Glance

You really can’t tell the difference between a regular shoe and an elevator shoe at first. Since the height increase is both on the inside of the shoe and in the back, you can pull off those extra inches without calling too much attention. One slight issue I did find was working out the proportion of your outfit to hide those extra inches.

So what gives? Well, our eyes are trained to see the true proportion of shoes to feet. So anything out of the ordinary, like heightened heels, will stick out like a sore thumb.

The solution is to decide whether you want to dress to appear taller or dress to actually be taller. If you decide to be taller then your pants will have to hide those extra inches from the elevator shoe in order to maintain proportion. The guys over at GudoMaggi were kind enough to send me a pair of their Mauritius loafers which I absolutely loved.

Here I am using a pair of Banana Republic Aiden fit chinos. I did have them slimmed down but not tapered. This allows the bottom opening of the trousers to cover the shoe when standing up. One more thing to consider is the pant break. Here I went with a full break. With a full break my pants are absorbing the added height of the elevator shoes in the bottom opening. As you can see, everything looks normal now. Now I can go try out for an NBA basketball team!

Courtesy of Brooklyn Wolf
Courtesy of Brooklyn Wolf

I usually taper all my pants, but here’s why they won’t work with elevator shoes. You’ll essentially be doing to two opposing things. One is the tapering below the knees will give your legs a slimmer look. What you achieve with this is appearing taller. The other is the use of elevator shoes to actually be taller. I’m enhancing my height and those extra inches of narrowness on the shoe, along with the illusion of slimmed legs through tapered pants, eliminates proportion.

Luxury Elevator Shoes by GUIDOMAGGI

I have yet to try on elevator shoes other than GuidoMaggi’s Mauritius loafers. My height is the average 5’9″ for an american male so I was never conscious about my height. In fact, I was completely oblivious to the concept of height enhancing shoes up until this point.

I did research other brands of elevator shoes and, for the most part, are pretty ugly. It does come as a surprise since height enhancement shoes offer a big solution to men’s style in general. But I guess this is where GuidoMaggi excels since their collection of shoes are beautiful and elegant.

Regardless of their height enhancement features, you can always tell the quality of any shoe by traditional standards. With that in mind, I was impressed with GuidoMaggi’s quality. Right from moment I opened the box, I could smell that full grain Italian leather. The overall craftsmanship compares to those of Salvatore Ferragamo and Magnanni. They’re absolutely flawless and the comfort is excellent.

Courtesy of GuiddoMaggi
Courtesy of GuidoMaggi

Although they sent over a pair of loafers, GuidoMaggi also sells boots, sneakers, and dress shoes. My personal favorite collection of GuidoMaggi are the dress shoes. Being a dress shoe junkie, I tend to focus on certain aspects like material, build, and curve on top and on the side of the toe cap.

Courtesy of GuiddoMaggi

One final note to consider about GuidoMaggi is that their shoes aren’t cheap. The loafers I received from Emanuele, CEO of Guido Maggi, is by far the most expensive shoe in my collection. With that in mind, you’ll be paying for the investment on high quality and beautiful elevator shoes. Something that is rare in that market today.

You can check out more on GuidoMaggi and their collection at They recently opened a showroom in Milan (Brera district) Via Fiori 18 on December 2016. It is the first luxury elevator shoe showroom in the world.

Courtesy of GuidoMaggi



Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Guidomaggi and I received compensation to write about them. However, I don’t let that swerve my opinion or endorsement on anything that’s not worth wearing. All my posts, sponsored or not, are completely honest and objective to its purpose.

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