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5 Reasons to Try CrossFit

October 25, 2016

In the past couple of days I got addicted to the YouTube channel Strenght Wars. It’s a channel focused on bouts between different disciplines of strength training. You see world class strength athletes going at it with common circuit exercises they would normally do in their training. For example, you’d see a renown champion body builder competing with a powerlifter of the same caliber. You’d then see a strong man athlete with a calisthenics professional. It’s not a scientifically proven way to compare disciplines, but it sure as heck is entertaining.

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5 Rules to stay in shape

October 6, 2016

Before I say anything I want to say that the following 5 rules of staying fit have worked for me. Although I’m no fitness expert I have been in a constant grind of staying in shape most of my life. From my teen years to the now late 20’s I find myself in. These rules I’m about to share are nothing new. It just means that if they keep getting repeated then, with more reason, they work.

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